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York Festival of Ideas: Rediscovering Women's Lives

On Saturday, the A Few Forgotten Women Team, worked with The Mount School in York and the Rowntree Society to stage a Rediscovering Women's Lives event as part of the York Festival of Ideas. A panel discussion, open to participants in person and online, was followed by a research session. Attendees worked in the beautiful library at The Mount School and online, to begin researching either a former pupil, teacher or employee of The Mount School, or a VAD nurse. The A Few Forgotten Women team were on hand to assist and some fascinating stories were uncovered. We hope that some of these will appear on our website at a later date. This was an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with others and focus on the importance of women in history. Stand by for more news, in a future blog post, explaining how you might be able to continue this work.

Researching at The Mount
Researching at The Mount


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