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Free Talk - A Few Forgotten Women Online for International Women's Day Session 2 News

The second of our free Zoom sessions for International Women's Day begins at 2.30pm GMT.

In this session, we will be introducing you to Anne Stratford, a lady who grew up in poverty but who worked as a straw-plaiter all her life. If you want to learn more about the background, there is an article about straw-plaiting on our website. You will hear more about one of the Leeds Reformatory Girls, Jane Northrop Fallon and her family background, which is as fascinating as her own story. Then the focus will be on Eliza Thrasher, an account of abandonment, alcoholism and poverty; just to warn you, this story does involve child abuse.

As with our other sessions, there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Here is how to register


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