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Eliza, Emily and a Whole Lot More go Live

The end is in sight now with our girls from Leeds Industrial School. There are just a handful of stories still being worked on. Today we have added Eliza Longster and Emily Strafford as well as an 'Other Girls' document which tells the story of twenty four more girls whose stories were harder to discover. Although there wasn't enough to create a story of their own for them, we wanted to share what our researchers could find. So, here you can meet Sarah Ann Atkinson, Mary Bass, Elizabeth Bell, Luisa Bruane aka Louisa Brown, Sarah Ann Dixon/Dickson, Mary Ellen Flannery, Mary/May Grimes, Sarah Ann Halliwell, Clara Heald aka Hill, Anne Herd aka Marsh, Mary Ann and Catherine Martin, May McCue/Mary McKue, Mary Ann Rider, Jane Ann Robson, Sarah Ann Savage aka Sarah Ann Kirby Steel, Margaret Schouler, Louisa Skinner, Ann Stead, Mary and Agnes Swailes, Ellen Taylor, Catherine Thompson, Ada Waddington and Ellen Watson.


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