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A VAD, Three School Girls and Eighteen Inebriate Women

Today we welcome to our site, Louisa McCormack from St. Joseph’s Inebriate Reformatory. Her story outlines the efforts that the researcher has made to distinguish between two possible Louisas. Then you can meet Edith Ellen Godson, VAD nurse and midwife. Dorothy Cash, a pupil from the Mount School, Mount pupil and nurse now features, along with a longer story of fellow pupils, the Priestman cousins, whose lives took very different paths. As if that isn't enough, we have added a document containing what we can find about seventeen of our inebriate women, who are elusive, meaning the information that we have so far is too sparse for them to have a story of their own. They are Mary S Bennett, Ellen Carroll, Margaret Griffin, Lilian King aka Lilian Jordan aka Lilia Mangley, Jannette Lambert, Julia Lyons, Mary J McLaughlin, Caroline Oliver, Juliet Regan, Mary A Ritchie, Amelia Roberts, Ellen Roberts, Annie Sheehan, Rose Smith, Elizabeth Steele, Mary Taylor and Elizabeth Williams.

This mean we current have, in just seven months, memorialised 167 women on this site. This is largely thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers. If you would like to join them, there is information here.

The Mount School, York

Image credit Gordon Hatton, via Geograph


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