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The First 'A Few Forgotten Women Friday' Stories are Told

First of all, thank you so much to all fifty-five volunteers who took part in Friday's collaborative research, when we tried to discover the stories of the seventy-seven girls in Leeds Girls' Industrial School. Some of our researchers were lucky enough to find some fascinating stories, others faced the frustration of brick walls. The nature of the these girls' lives meant that they often escaped being recorded, or changed their surnames, making research difficult. In some instances, it was a case of 'it is the right name but I can't be sure it is her'.

It will take us some time to process all seventy-seven stories but all girls will get a mention, if only as part of an 'other girls' document, which will commemorate all those for whom information was minimal.

Today we have released the first three stories, which join that of Isabella, who was out example story. Please follow the link and scroll down to meet Clara, Jane and Elizabeth. They will be joined by others soon.


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