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Forgotten Women Friday 12 April Call for Volunteers

It is a month until our next Forgotten Women Friday. You can find more details of how these days work on our website. We'd love you to volunteer to help us add more stories to our site. The chosen institution for the day is the Fleming Memorial Children’s Hospital at Jesmond in Northumberland. We will be looking at the 24 female patients and 22 female staff who appear in the 1891 census and the 33 female staff from the 1901 census. You can find background information about the institution and the history of nursing here.


The nature of this institution will mean that some of the life stories will inevitably be very short but we are committed to telling those stories nonetheless. In these cases, you are encouraged to look into the family background of those concerned. If for any reason there is very little to be found about the woman or girl that you have been allocated, you will be able to ask for a new name.


Full instructions, including the name of your allocated woman or girl, will be emailed to volunteers by 6am GMT on Friday 12 April. Don’t worry, you aren’t expected to start at 6am unless you want to. We know that some volunteers won’t be able to begin until the evening and we have people working in different time zones. This time, we are asking that all the biographies are returned to us by 31 May at the latest. There will be a Zoom room that you can join to ask for advice, share your excitement and desperation, or just join in the collaborative fun but you don't have to join the Zoom if you would rather not.

Please get in touch if you'd like to volunteer.

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