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A Few Forgotten Women Fridays

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Every few months we host a collaborative research day known as A Few Forgotten Women Friday. The aim is to work collectively, together with others who are interested in our work, to research a group of women from a single institution or data set. Some will be very difficult to trace and little if anything will be found, others we hope will become full stories for our website.

We will announce each A Few Forgotten Women Friday on our blog and on social media, asking volunteers to contact us to say that they would like to accept the challenge. Each volunteer will be allocated one of the women or girls from our chosen institution or data set. They will then use their research skills to find out as much as possible about that woman during A Few Forgotten Women Friday and the few days that follow. When they feel that they have found all they can, they write up the details and report back to us by the deadline given. We do appreciate that it might not be possible to find anything beyond the single snapshot of the women in the record set we are using. You can look at the stories from our website for examples. All the stories remain the copyright of the author and can be used elsewhere but we may add to, or amend, the stories if more information comes to light.

We are committed to mentioning every woman from that institution, either as the subject of one of our stories, or as part of a series of short 'other girls' accounts, sharing what we do know about those for whom little was found.

A Few Forgotten Women Fridays run for 16 hours starting from 6am London time until 10pm. Volunteers don't have to start at 6am; we appreciate that some people have different availabilities and time zones. Hopefully, the quest can begin at some point during the appointed day; even if the research continues for a few days afterwards. Volunteers can keep in touch with their progress during the day on X (Twitter), Mastodon or Facebook, where we ask that they please use the dedicated thread, rather than starting a new comment. We hope that volunteers will tag us on social media, using the hashtag #FewForgottenWomen. Participants will also be sent a Zoom link and can drop in and out for advice, support and general chat about progress. The Zoom room will be open from 8am until 9pm. Some will stay all day and research alongside us. Volunteers can also email for help at any time.

If you can't wait for the next A Few Forgotten Women Friday, then how about taking part in our perpetual collaborative project A Few Forgotten Women Friday Everyday.

Here are the institutions and data sets that have been the subject of A Few Forgotten Women Fridays. Click on the institution below to find the biographies that resulted.

Institutions that are part of A Few Forgotten Women Friday Everyday


Map of Forgotten Women Friday Locations
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