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More than Fifty Stories now Online - more Leeds Girls are Added

With the addition of three more girls from the Leeds Industrial School, we now have fifty four women and girls commemorated on our website. In addition, another twenty four girls from the Leeds School have short accounts included in the summary of the other girls, about whom less could be found. We could never have achieved this in just two months without the help of all our lovely volunteers. Thank you.

Today you can meet Emma Fletcher, her story is the result of some serious genealogical sleuthing, Sarah Elizabeth Ramsden, who, due to a surname variant, was worked on by two researchers and Anne Elizabeth Robshaw, another girl who led us a merry dance. You may also have missed from last week, Ellen and Elizabeth Murphy, Sarah Hargreaves and Anne Mary Fletcher. Links to all their stories are here.

Don't forget that we are looking for volunteers to help with our next A Few Forgotten Women Friday on 24 March. Have you signed up yet?


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