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This page includes the stories of women who were involved in political campaigns and activism. There is a separate page for those who were part of the fight for women's suffrage.

Here are some resources to help with this topic:

Bressey, Caroline Empire, Race and the Politics of Anti-Caste Bloomsbury (2013) The story of Catherine Impey, who started an anti-racism magazine in 1888

Healey, Robynne Rogers and Spencer, Carole Dale [eds.] Quaker Women, 1800–1920: studies of a changing landscape Penn State University Press (2023)

Rhoda Constance Clothier, later Rhoda Constance Hinde 1891-1965 from Dalkey, Ireland and Hilda Josephine Clothier, later Hilda Josephine Hutchinson 1897-1976 from Cardiff, Wales  -Activism, Women at War, The Mount School, VAD Personnel. 25 minute read.

Florence Dent Priestman 1885-1972 and Margaret Priestman 1885-1930 from Hull, Yorkshire – Activism, No Descendants, Suicide, Women at Work, The Mount School. Please note that this story includes an account of a suicide. 8 minute read.

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