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Voluntary Aid Detachment Personnel

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VAD nurses at Gledhow Hall 1915

Image in the public domain

This page is dedicated to the stories of Voluntary Aid Detachment personnel. We began collecting the stories in order to give our Forgotten Women Friday volunteers the chance to research a forgotten women at any time, in what has become a perpetual Forgotten Women Friday. You can find details of all those who were part of the Voluntary Aid Detachment on the excelled Red Cross website. You can access the stories by clicking on the women's names below. For more information about tracing those associated with the VAD see the Historical Musings blog. There are more stories of VAD workers on the Remembering British Women in World War 1 Facebook page.

Emily Bauer 1882-1956 from Shipley, Yorkshire – No Descendants, Women at War. 2 minute read.

May Churchill Clapton 1894-1972 from Wandsworth, Surrey – No Descendants, Women at War. 3 minute read.

Rhoda Constance Clothier, later Rhoda Constance Hinde 1891-1965 from Dalkey, Ireland and Hilda Josephine Clothier, later Hilda Josephine Hutchinson 1897-1976 from Cardiff, Wales  -Activism, Women at War, The Mount School. 25 minute read.

Dorothy Furnace, later Dorothy Storey 1895-1967 and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Furnace, later Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Wilson 1897-1987 from Keswick, Cumberland - No Descendants, Women at War, Women at Work. 6 minute read.

Edith Eileen Godson 1894-1975 from Heckington, Lincolnshire – No Descendants, Women at War, Women at Work. 2 minute read.

Muriel Osmond Mesney c.1893-1928 from Sticklepath, Devon, born in Sarawak, Borneo - No Descendants, Women at War. 8 minute read.

Alice Mabel Paget-Tomlinson, aka Mabel Paget-Tomlinson 1876-1953 from Great Crosby, Lancashire – No Descendants, Women at War. 4 minute read.

Elizabeth Poskitt 1885-1954 from Pontefract, Yorkshire – Disability, No Descendants, Women at War, Voluntary Aid Detachment Personnel. 3 minute read.

Elsie Robinson 1888-1980 from Northwich, Cheshire – No Descendants, Voluntary Aid Detachment Personnel, Women at War, Women at Work, Cheshire County Training College. 4 minute read.

Beatrice Amy Shepherd, later Beatrice Amy Prickman 1872-1964 from Newton Arloch, Cumberland - No Descendants, Women at War. 9 minute read.

Amy Berta Minto Wilson 1883-1978 and Alice Victoria Minto Wilson 1885-1964 from Walthamstow, Essex – No Descendants, Women at Work, VAD Personnel, The Mount School. 3 minute read.

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