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Domestic Abuse

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The women in these stories were victims of domestic abuse or child abuse. Some readers may find the details distressing. You can access the stories by clicking on the women's names below.

Sarah Ann Atkinson c.1852-? from Leeds, Yorkshire - Abandonment, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, Poverty, Prostitution, Leeds Girls' Industrial School. Sarah's story is part of the document, giving details of the girls from Leeds Industrial School, for whom little could be found. 2 minute read

Bridget Carroll, later Bridget Pattenden 1861-1935 from Deptford, Kent - Alcoholism, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, Women at work, St. Joseph's Inebriate Reformatory. Warning, this story includes an account of domestic abuse. 9 minute read

Linda Gummer, later Linda Bush 1867-1920 from Deptford, Kent – Alcoholism, Child Mortality, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, Poverty, Farmfield Reformatory for Inebriate Women. 4 minute read

Betty Kershaw 1832-1877 from Leeds, Yorkshire - Disability, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, Mental Health, Murder, Sickness. 12 minute read

Julia Mahoney, later Julia Loveridge 1897-1968 from Bermondsey, Surrey - Abandonment, Disability, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, Poverty. 11 minute read. Please note that this story contains an account of domestic abuse.

Ellen Richmond, later Ellen Wellock, afterwards Ellen Nielsen 1866-1952 from Ramsgill, Yorkshire – Domestic Abuse, Illegitimacy. 9 minute read

Mary Slack aka Mary Stack 1882-? from Notting Hill, Middlesex - Alcoholism, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, St. Joseph’s Inebriate Reformatory. 8 minute read

Dinah Townend c.1786-1867 from High Hoyland, Yorkshire – Domestic Abuse, Illegitimacy, Lawbreaking. 4 minute read.

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