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A Few Forgotten Women Friday Everyday

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It can now be A Few Forgotten Women Friday whenever you choose. If you would like to research a women or girl and tell her story for our site and you don't have a suitable candidate in mind, you can work on one from the two datasets we are using for a perpetual A Few Forgotten Women Friday. These can be done at any time.

The two groups are:

  1. Women and girls associated with The Mount School in York. This includes pupils, teachers and other staff. This is a Quaker foundation, so you might expect to delve into some Quaker records. The admissions' registers are on FindmyPast. If you would like to research someone from The Mount please get in touch and we will allocate you a name. The girls came from across the British Isles, so if you have an interest in a particular county, let us know and we will try to find a girl from that area. Or take a look at the admissions' book and make a choice but please do check with us that she is not already claimed before beginning work. A caveat about those from The Mount, although most will, not every story will fit into one of the categories that you will find on our stories page, so a few won't be suitable for our website, although the school will be very grateful for the information.

  2. Woman who were Voluntary Aid Detachment volunteers. You can search for these on the Red Cross website. All of these were women at war, so fit our criteria. Take your pick from the Red Cross database, perhaps choosing a surname or place of origin that appeals to you, check with us that she is not already being researched and begin.

This is a perpetual A Few Forgotten Women Friday Everyday project, so the opportunity is open until all the women and girls have been researched. Do come and join the fun.

You can access the completed stories about VAD personnel here and those from The Mount School here.

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