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A Few Forgotten Women Online for International Women's Day

To Commemorate International Women’s Day on 8 March, A Few Forgotten Women are taking their stories online. There will be three sessions during the day, when members of our team will give short presentations about some of the woman and girls that they have researched. Several of these stories will not yet be on our website. Each session will be different and there will be accounts that include a range of experiences including: Lawbreaking, Mental Health, Women at Work, Poverty, Illegitimacy, Child Mortality, Disability, Domestic Abuse, Prostitution and Alcoholism. There will be a look back at some of the girls from Leeds Industrial School, as well as a ‘big reveal’ of our first story from the Inebriates’ Reformatories that will be the subject of our next Forgotten Women Friday on 24 March. There is still space to volunteer to help with the research on that day if you contact us. Each story will be followed by a quick Q & A and there will be plenty of time for further questions and discussion after the final presentation of that session.

The sessions are free, please book for one, for two, or for all three. As places are limited, we do ask that those who are booking should be genuinely intending to come; please don’t book ‘just in case’. Before booking, please do be aware that some of these stories are harrowing and may cause distress. On this occasion, the sessions are available live only and will start from 10.30am, 2.30pm and 7.30pm Greenwich Mean Time. Each session will last approximately 1½ hours.

Booking is via Eventbrite

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Why not follow us on Eventbrite to get automatic notices of new events as we publish them?

Although there is no charge for the day, we are suggesting that, if you enjoy your session(s), you might consider making a donation to Standing Together, a charity that supports victims of domestic abuse, or to a women’s charity of your choice.


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